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What Are You? Italians Need Personal Branding

L’amico Alex Roe ci dedica un pezzo su Blog From Italy e dimostra una notevole capacità di andare dritto al punto, considerando il Personal Branding non solo come argomento online, ma come questione a tutto a tondo. Rappresenta, a suo dire, una possibilità per emergere in un sistema nel quale le possibilità di crescere sono ridotte all’osso, se non si hanno le conoscenze giuste!

In Italy unless you have friends in the right places, it can be extremely difficult to find an opportunity for you to showcase your talents and demonstrate that you are a cut above the rest. Having a good degree does not help much in Italy – especially if you are young. Indeed, so many well-qualified Italians have given up on establishing a foothold in Italy that they have simply left the country, as has been noted by Time: Arrivederci, Italia: Why Young Italians Are Leaving . If only these people had had a go at working on their personal brands via the meritocratic internet – they should have read the book Personal Branding, of which more later. Indeed, this book on personal branding should be distributed within all of Italy’s universities and training schools as it could help young Italians get their careers off the ground and not have to resort to, perhaps, escaping from Italy.

Indeed, therein lies the problem: many in Italy have not quite grasped how much power the internet has. Fortunately though some Italians have realised that the web can help point people in the right direction.

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